The Day of Unplugging 
8 November 2020


We invite you together with your family to give up using your screens for one day on 8 November. To take time to stop and think what role the digital media plays in our and our kids' lives. The Day of Unplugging is necessary to prove that human beings have a need to be free from dependency on the digital media. They have a need to set out time to be away from the information noise, to listen one's own thoughts, touch and be touched... To feel and notice real life. 
The Day of Unplugging is a good opportunity to think about how to protect and support kid's moderate use of digital technology. Technology surely makes life comfortable but  alongside positive aspects parents have to be aware about dangers and sideffects and be concerned about children's online safety. 

How to take part in the Day of Unplugging? There is no a strict guideline. It is impossible to acheive 100% unplugging nowdays as screens accompany us everywhere: in kitchen, car, on the streets.  If the family decides among themselves how they want to participate: perhaps, leaving their phones at home and go hiking. Or perhaps, switch off all other functions on the phone apart from making and receiving calls.  

The aim of the campaign is not to impose strict rules but inspire and discover together digi-free joys of life. Perhaps, the positive experience of this day will make you want to take one day a week as screen free? Perhaps, you will want to keep meal times and evening without screens?

The initiators of the Day of Unplugging are teachers and parents of St John's School together with the Foundation of Holistic Education. The teachers have noticed that children find it difficult to focus at school because they have unlimited use of the digital media. 

During the first campaing in 2018 thousand people took part.  

What is the problem?

We are free people in a free country. Just as. But are we really free? How can we grow our children free when we ourselves are in chains, addicted to networks, screens and mercy of social platforms? It is clear that in the 21 century we cannot avoid digital technology. Most of us use technilogy as instruments and knows how to regulate our use. Yet, the rapid speed of the technological development brings with it difficulty with adapting, especially when we speak of children, who are most vulnerable because they have not yet developed their own system of values and worldviews. They learn most of the time from us. 

Who are we?

St John's school founded the Foundation of Holistic Education in 2018 to to promote balanced and holistic approaches to children’s education and development, through creating material conditions, organising conferences, providing scholarships, and helping teachers all over the world to learn more about the unique model of St John’s School. We are concerned about growing dangers that unlimited use of digital media brings, especially computer adiciton. We collaborate with other educational institutions, psychologists and child development experts. 

What is our position?

In each relationship, at home and at school, most important are connection and attention. At school we teach children. The child studies better if he has a fresh and rested mind and can control his attention and focus. Digital media and screens are fighting for our attention all the time! Moderate use of the digital media at home and at school help us to be masters of our lives and attention, to distinguish between important and unnecessary, to notice people next to us and keep relationship with people as most precious gift of life. 

Recommendations how to make small changes:

- Use wristwatch and keep the analogue alarmclock in your bedroom.  
- Don't take your mobile phone into your bedroom, otherwise social media and e-mail on your phone will be the first and last thing that you connect with during the day. 
- if you need to focus on writing and problem solving, close your mail program and switch off your phone. - Vasta meilidele teatud aegadel päevas. Kes vaatab harvem meile, sel on vähem stressi ja rohkem heaolutunnet.
- If you want to connect with your family and friends, switch off your telephone .
- On a bus or a train, find some time to wonder and contemplate looking out of the window. Bussi- või rongisõidul leia rahu- ja õnnehetk aknast välja vaatamiseks. Our minds need leasure to be creative.

- Ban mobile phones from the dinnertable .
- If you want to enjoy time with your kids, put your phone in flight mode.
- Don't check you phone while driving.
- Forget your phone if you go for nature hikes. 
- Create a gadget-free sanctuary at your home .
- Play boardgames and open air games at home.
- Dedicate one day a week as an Unplugging Day for your family.
- Introduce each year a digital fast that last for a few days.
- Keep diary and draw. Take photos with the photo camera. You will enjoy a moment even if you don't post your photos for the whole world to see. 

We invite you to join us!