Past conferences 

Between 2013 and 2020 St John's School has organised 7 international conferences. Papers have been accompanied by simultaneous translation in Estonian, Russian and English and the video of all presentations are available on YouTube channel

Formative Assessment: a person's image and value
 17 May 2013
Education and the Soul

 24 -25 October 2014
Love as Pedagogy
5-6 May 2017
I hope, therefore I am: hope as pedagogy
3-5 May 2018
Youth: Freedom and Responsibility
16-17 November 2018
Metanoia: Transformation, Forgiveness and Reconciliation
7-9 March 2019
From Creator to Creativity: Understanding Human Creativity from Theological, Pedagogical and Psychological Perspectives
27-29 February 2020

Father Andrew Louth (Emeritus professor, University of Durham)

Man as the Image of God in the Teaching of the Fathers  (the talk given to the conference Education and Soul, Tallinn 24-25 October 2014)

 There is are similar roots in the words 'education' and 'image' in German. In the Middle Ages people meant by education the process of completing the work that God has started when He created man in His image. What is meant by education is perfecting the image of God. What it means to be created in the image of God is to have kinship, relationship with God, being able to pray and engage in a mystical quest. It also means to follow Christ on the cross because Christ comes to complete the work of creation.

Father Andrew Louth (Emeritus professor, University of Durham)

Love as pedagogy in St Maximos the Confessor and St Gregory Palamas
(the talk given to the conference Love as Pedagogy, Tallinn 5-6.05.2017)

‘Love as pedagogy’: what I think we can learn from St Gregory, which complements what we have learnt from St Maximos, is that fundamental to our experience of God, an experience which is one of love, in response to His love, is founded on repentance: repentance that breaks up our certainties, breaks up our tendency to find a way in which we are in control, and enables the image of God, in which we have been created, to emerge from the ruins that our repentance seem to have led to, ruins in which we begin to see what it is that God is making of us—of me—each unique in His eyes.